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6 Piece Learn to Lockpick Set

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                    Have you ever been trapped out of your place and needed to get back inside but doesn't have the keys? Have you ever paid a hefty price of money for a locksmith to arrive and open your door only to watch him pick the lock in minutes? Have you just always been curious in the art of lock picking but didn't want to spend a lot on a lock pick set?

                    If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the Lock Pick Set for YOU! This lock picking set can be used by professionals and beginners alike. With the see-through padlock, you can see exactly how the pins move up and down and how the mechanism works. It is a great teaching tool to hone your skills and be a pro at lock picking in no time!

                    Lock Picking is a very useful skill If you want to be the superstar of your family and friends and be the one they call when they're in a jam then this is a great skill to have!

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