3 Stages Professional stainless Steel Knife Sharpener

 Sharpen your knives in seconds!


3 Stage Design:
-Coarse stage: for dull or damaged knives.
-Fine stage: to eliminate burrs or polish edges.
-Ceramic stage: for ceramic knife.

The knife sharpener is suitable for all kinds of steel knives; smooth blades, such as kitchen knives, cleaver, chef knife, boning knife, fruit knife and microtome knife.

Ergonomic solid ABS plastic handle. You will feel comfortable whether you're left-handed or right -handed.

Sharpen kitchen knives by holding the handle firmly and gently pull your knife by one direction several times via different stages accordingly.
Specially designed sharpening slots gives you the power to sharpen and dull knives in no time.


Length: 210mm
Width: 50mm
Heigh: 63mm
Net wetght:165g
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
Type: Sharpeners
Applicable: Kitchen cooking tools
Color: Red
Size: 210mm x 50mm x 63mm
Weight: 165g
Metal Type: Ceramics,Tungsten Steel,Diamond
Place: Kitchen, Garden, Outdoor knives
knife type 1: Scissors
knife type 2: Stainless steel knives
knife type 3: Ceramic knives

Package Includes:

1 x knife sharpener
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