Macbook Pro USB Type-C Hub To HDMI Adapter

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 Specially designed for New 13" 15" MacBook Pro!

                    Multiple Ports USB-C HUB with Full Functionality
                    • HDMI Video Output – Support up to 4k @30Hz
                    • Thunderbolt 3 – Passthrough Charging, 5k or 2x4k @ 60Hz Video, Up to 40Gb/s data speed,Video and audio out
                    • 1 USB-C port – 5Gb/s data speed, Max power output up to 5V/900mAh
                    • SD/Micro card reader – UHS-1 104MB/s, Support up to 256GB
                    • 2 USB 3.0 ports – 5Gb/s data speed, Max power output up to 5V/900mAh
                    • Compatible displays and cables are required to achieve maximum video resolution!
                    • SD and TF card slots can't be used simultaneously!
                    • Cannot work with general MacBook pro case!
                    • Cannot read hard drive over 4TB!
                    • Cannot read hard drive which not bring the Power Source!
                    • Not compatible with SuperDrive!
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