Door Closet Hanger 4PCS

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Have more storage spaces to organize your room! Hang and save more space! 

  • Doesn't need any tool to be installed. Say goodbye to glue and sticky tabs! The hooks are adjustable.
  • Fit all sizes of hats. This closet organizer comes with an adjustable design that can accommodate more than one hat and can organize any type of hats.
  • Also great for organizing scarves, belts, visor, handbags, and other accessories.
  • Its plastic features will be able to handle the toughest load and hooks will accommodate most. Width of the straps is adjustable for storage.
  • Could easily fit four or five sets on a standard sized door if you need more storage.

    • Length: 216 cm (Approx.),Width: 2.5 cm (Approx.) 
    • Max bear weight: 5 kg (Approx.)
    • Materials: Nylon webbing, plastic clips, and stainless steel hooks
    • Can be attached to a wall, hang inside the closet or on a door.
    • Fits both residential (1.50") and commercial (1.7") sized doors
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