• "My son got this RC excavator for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. He's played with it every day since he got it and has really enjoyed experimenting to see what kind of things it'll dig up. We built him a box full of pellets to play with his equipment in. His dad works with heavy equipment and now so does my son all day long. I love that it has a metal bucket and how sturdy it feels! Highly recommended!"

    John Doe

  • "This boat is totally awesome, I got two of them for both of my sons and we've had an amazing time in summer playing with them at lakes and even beaches. It runs extremely fast and the batteries last a very long time. Really like that it uprights itself when it capsizes. It's great that the transmitter lets you know when the battery is low and when you are going out too far! Also great that the antenna is small and doesn't stick up so you don't have to worry about it breaking. These machines will last for a lifetime, great purchase, thanks guys!"

    William H. Johnson

  • "I seriously can't believe something this fast and this awesome can be purchased for this low of a price. Not only does it look really cool but I also found it really easy to fly around. After figuring out how to use the controls it is very easy to fly this thing around. I'd recommend this to anyone who's interested in quick tiny drones."

    Anna Bennett